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Groove GVPS813BK


Groove Portable CD/Cassette & Radio Boombox

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Get back in to the Groov-e with this Retro boombox! Includes a cassette player so you can bring out all those old classics and play away on this boombox.

It includes a CD player and AM/FM radio. The sound is clear and crisp with a 1.2W x 2 RMS sound system built inside.

The LED display makes it easy to select your track or find the next track. The retro looking boombox has metallic style grills on the outside to optimise sound and look slick !

The cassette player even allows you to record – so you can record your favorite radio shows and remember how it was done in the good old days!

CD/CD-RW compatible

20 track pre programming

Cassette player

AM/Fm radio

Led Display

Also Available in RED (GVPS813RED)