Everhot Cooker Hood

Everhot Cooker Hoods - The Perfect Hood to Accompany your Everhot Cooker



Everhot Cooker Hood


The Everhot Cooker Hood by Westin - Individually designed and hand made to pefectly compliment your Everhot Cooker. Everhot extractor hoods are professional range cooker hoods styled to match all Everhot models and colours. Made by hand in Britain from high grade stainless steel, these are premium hoods that are both beautiful and built to last.


Everhot cooker hood 150i Goose Grey





Elegant & Powerful

Expertly matched to every single colour and size of Everhot cooker.
Brushed stainless-steel edge, reflecting Everhot’s characteristic style.
3 Power levels & an intensive setting, with evenly spread extraction.
Touch controls & adjustable light settings to suit your kitchen or what you're cooking.
Filters are easy to remove and dishwasher friendly, so they stay clean & fresh.
Hand-built in Britain and built to last.



Customised Cooker Hoods

For Everhot owners looking for something unique and more customised to their individual kitchen design, optional extras can be incorporated into the Everhot cooker hood.
From recirculation filters, a telescopic chimney in a matching colour finish, bespoke power levels, dimensions, finish, controls and lighting.
Complete flexibility to blend in with your existing interiors.


Everhot Cooker Hood Dimensions

Height 450mm x Top Depth 300mm x Bottom Depth 610mm

Width Lights Filters Motors DIM A (mm)
600 2 1 1 598
900 3 3 1 890
1000 3 3 1 995
1100 3 3 1 1090
1200 3 4 1 or 2* 1198
1500 4 5 1 or 2* 1490

* Optional extra on 120 & 150 models.

* Chimney option on all hoods.


Everhot Cooker Hood Prices & Options


Width Single Motor Dual Motor Recirculation Kit Telescopic Chimney
600 £1576.00 N/A (Single Motor Only) + £48.00 + £295.00
900 £1852.00 N/A (Single Motor Only) + £144.00 + £295.00
1000 £1926.00 N/A (Single Motor Only) + £144.00 + £295.00
1100 £2001.00 N/A (Single Motor Only) + £144.00 + £295.00
1200 £2301.00 £2451.00 (Single Motor Only) + £192.00 + £295.00 (x2 for dual motors)
1500 £2630.00 £2780.00 (Single Motor Only) + £240.00 + £295.00 (x2 for dual motors)

Prices held until 01/04/2022.


Lighting – Temperature adjustable lighting - 3x 2.6W variable warmth (3000–6000K) dimmable LED (2 x on 600mm, 3 x on 900mm, 1000mm, 1100mm & 1200mm. 4x on 1500 models). 
Bespoke options – customise dimensions, colour, finish, lighting, filters, motor(s), controls. POA from Westin. 
Bespoke paint finishes – Any RAL shade or any colour match (If the latter – sample required). 
Standard internal motors & Twin motors will perform well on a duct route of up to 7m straight, or 5m with up to three bends. For longer routes please contact Westin for advice. 
Telescopic chimney – minimum height 352mm, maximum height 600mm. 1 x Chimney on single motor hoods. 2 x Chimneys for dual motor hoods. Single dual motor chimneys are available via the bespoke service.   
Connections – mains cable. Single motor models 3A, Twin motor models 5A. 
Performance - Single motor models 800 cubic metres per hour, Twin motor models 1600 cubic metres per hour. 
Duct size minimum 150mm diameter (x 2 in twin models). Rigid steel or plastic ducting is preferable for best results, semi rigid is acceptable. Avoid flexible ducting other than in small sections for joins to the hood if semi rigid is not available. 
Distance between hob & hood – minimum 650mm, maximum 850mm. 
Grease filters are dishwasher safe.


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