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Choosing and buying the most suitable washing machine for your needs can make a big difference to your everyday life and can significantly impact the running costs of your home or business. A washing machine equipped with the appropriate features, capacity, and energy efficiency not only helps manage your laundry effectively but also contributes to long-term cost savings. We stock a large range of high quality washing machines from leading international brands such as AEG, Beko, Blomberg, Bosch, Haier, Hisense, Hotpoint, LG, Miele, Samsung, and Zanussi. All machines come with so many different options and price points that making a decision can be tricky. To assist you, we've curated this informative buying guide with all the essential tips and advice you need to find the perfect washing machine for you.


Washing Machines Types

When shopping for a washing machine, the first step is determining the type of machine that best fits your household needs. Consider your available space and whether you prefer a machine that can be stacked with a dryer or placed under worktops. Once these factors are noted, you'll be better equipped to select the most suitable washing machine type.

Front Loading Washing Machines

Front load washing machines feature a door at the front, allowing for stacking under a dryer and placement beneath worktops. They typically consume less water and energy compared to top loaders, though they may have longer cycles. However, modern front load models often offer quick wash settings. Using an internal heater to heat water, front loaders require only a cold tap connection and offer higher spin speeds for quicker drying.


Top Loading Washing Machines

Top loading washing machines have a door or lid on top, enabling easy loading without the need for bending. They offer the convenience of adding items mid-cycle, which is often not possible with front loaders as the doors lock to prevent any spillages. Unlike front loaders that use gravity to tumble clothes, top loaders employ an impeller or agitator to move clothes, resulting in quick wash cycles as the clothes are submerged in water throughout the cycle. However, this can sometimes result in clothes becoming tangled inside the drum. Another important factor is that Top loading washing machines require hot and cold tap connections, this if for warm cycles.


Washer Dryers

Washer dryers are perfect for people with limited space or time, washer dryer machines offer a 2-in-1 solution by combining the functionalities of a front loading washing machine and a condenser dryer. This allows for seamless laundry completion without the need to transfer loads between machines. Simply load your clothes in once, choose your program and let it do it's thing, and when it's finished you have clean and dry clothes ready to wear or for the ironing pile.


Built In or Integrated Washing Machines

These machines maximise household space while ensuring efficient laundry care. These washers seamlessly blend into your kitchen or utility room cabinets, offering a discreet yet powerful solution for your laundry needs. They can be fitted with custom door panels to match your existing cabinetry, ensuring a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look in your home. They also offer quiet operation as they're engineered for minimal noise output, providing a quiet laundry experience that won't disrupt your living space.


Things to Consider When Buying a Washing Machine

Before purchasing a washing machine, consider the following factors:

Size: Most washing machines are a standard size, however it's always best to check the dimensions of the washing machine in the product description to make sure it fits your space. 

Drum Capacity: Max machine loads can vary from small 3kgs to large 12kgs. 4-6kgs are suitable from singles, couples or small families. 7-8kgs are perfect for mid size families with one or two children, 9-12kgs are best for large families or small business use.

Features: Modern washing machines offer smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity and remote control via apps for added convenience, decide if you really require these as they tend to cost a bit more.

Wash Programs: Check that the machine offers all the required programs, check if it offers a quick wash cycle and how long it is. Quick wash is typically the most used. 

Running Costs & Efficiency: It's best to go for a washing machine with a high energy efficiency rating to reduce long terms costs and to reduce your environmental impact, check the energy label for each product. However, these machines can cost more to buy, but they tend to pay for themselves in the running cost savings over the years.

Budget: Washing machines are available from £200 up to £2000, so consider your requirements and up front cost vs long term energy savings.

Brands: Research how different washing machine brands perform, read customer feedback and look at warranty lengths for peace of mind.


If after reading this guide you're still not sure, please contact a member of our sales team to help advise and guide you on finding the most suitable washing machine.


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