The colour Red symbolises life, health, vigour, courage, love & passion.


Red kitchen appliances are in this year, with home owners spending more time than ever in their homes, they want to make it as fabulous as possible, and adding red appliances is a very quick and affordable way to transform the look of your kitchen. Red appliances really add a splash of colour and will brighten up any kitchen counter.



Red Toasters

2 slice & 4 slice red toasters


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Red Kettles

Red Jug Kettles . Red Pyramid Kettles . Red Dome Kettles



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Red Microwaves

Red Retro Microwaves . Red Modern Microwaves . Red Digital Microwaves



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Red Cookers & Heaters

Red Everhots . Red Rangemasters . Red Leisure Cookers 



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More Red Kitchen Appliances & Home Appliances

Red Irons . Red Radios . Red Vacuum Cleaners . Small Red Cooking Appliances 



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